Isomalto Oligasaccharide

Amazing Range Of Applications of Isomaltooligasaccharide

Isomaltooligasaccharide derived from refined corn starch by enzyme treatment. The process follows liquefaction; saccharification; glycosides transfer purification; concentration. Isomaltooligasaccharide is known as one of the most popular resources of functional sugars. As it is difficult to be digested in the human stomach or intestine, it is known as "no digestive sugar". Isomaltooligasaccharide products are good for health.

Applications of Isomaltooligasaccharide (IMO):

Isomaltooligasaccharide is widely used in food industry, in producing dairy foods, for the infant and adults. The use of isomaltooligasaccharide products are found in a range of industries.

Milk powder for infants: The babies have lack of bifidobacteria in their intestines after the period of breast-feeding. Therefore, they are more prone to digestive disorder, diarrhea, constipation and other diseases. To regulate the Intestinal microflora and regain their health, bifidofactor should be added. Therefore, infant milk powder contains Isomaltooligasaccharide as a substitute of sucrose. It is produced by Atomization and Spray technology.

Milk powder for adults: Adult milk powder contains Isomaltooligasaccharide as it helps in stimulating the growth of bifidobacteria in their intestinal tract, thereby, improving gastroenteric functions and enhancing immune ability.

Active cultured milk: Adding Isomaltooligasaccharide to fresh milk, active yoghurt can be produced by the fermentation of lactobacillus and bifidobateria. Adding IMO to soy milk, functional soybean milk can be produced. IMO plays a vital role to maintain the abundance of bifidobateria.

In producing Functional fruit juice: It is a common use to buy Isomaltooligasaccharide Product to create functional fruit juice. Adding IMO to fruit juice, a new type of healthy fruit juice can be produced. Since IMO is less hygroscopicity than sucrose and more acid- resistant and heat-resistant and has viscidity similar to sucrose, it can be used as substitute of sucrose in various products without altering the processing technique. Isomaltooligasaccharide Manufacturers produce high quality IMO to be used in food products.

In producing Honey Syrup: Honey and Isomaltooligasaccharide are refined to form honey syrup which has the function of adjusting microflora, preventing constipation and improving intestine ability.

In manufacturing health medicine: A scientifically produced health medicine is produced by using local medicinal herbs like Yam, Hawkthorn and Black Sesame and IMO. It is good for enhancing intestine movement and digestion.

In producing confection products: Quality isomaltooligasaccharide products are found in confectionery industry. A large range of higher grade confection products is produced using IMO; these do not cause weight gain and cariogenicity. These products have low calorie and are functional to resist carious tooth and intestine disorder. The candies, bubble gums and chewing gums are produced by using appropriate amount of IMO.

In manufacturing wine: Isomaltooligasaccharide Manufacturing Companies produce IMO to be used in making wine, to improve the quality and taste of wine products. The low fermentable carbohydrates add bio-function and flavor to wines.

In making bread and cake: Because of its low sweat taste, low fermentability and hygroscopicity, IMO is added to bread and cake to bring super flavor and function in them. Isomaltooligasaccharide is added to cakes to make them more crisp and soft. Bread becomes more elastic and delicious with IMO. Isomaltooligasaccharide products have longer shelf life and are easy to keep freshness. It also decreases lumping, deterioration and crystallizability in the lotus seed paste and sweetened bean paste. With the leading Isomaltooligasaccharide Traders it can be availed at affordable prices.

Food for domestic animals: Isomaltooligasaccharide products protect health and stimulate growth. IMO can be used in feeding fowl, aquatic animals and domestic animals as a substitute for live microorganism preparation. It improves feed efficiency and survival rate.

Quality tested Isomaltooligasaccharide is exported by the Isomaltooligasaccharide Exporters. There are a number of isomaltooligasaccharide suppliers offering high quality IMO at cost-effective rates. Isomaltooligasaccharide products being used in a wide range of industries are hugely in demand and it is a wise choice to get it from the Isomaltooligasaccharide Wholesalers at the best prices.